Task:   Design an iconic new generation beverage container.

Solution:   Using used glass bottles of different shapes and sizes and rebrand it for an organic flavoured water.  This project focuses on human health and the conservation of the environment.  By reusing glass bottles, no energy or resources are used for producing the bottles.  Glass also has alot of health benefits above plastic.

The labels are engraved because it is a more greenminded method above silkscreening
The bottles are sandblasted with the brand, thus ensuring that the different shapes and sizes still look the same. And also keeping the brand even though all the tags and labels are removed.
Natural leaves are attached to the bottle in little sleeve with which the user can make their own health drink.

The fabric label can be easily removed and used as a coaster.
The different flavours come with healthy drink recipes for the flavour of leaves.
Bottles are collected by placing a recycle bin at shops to collect used glass bottles.
The closure I designed to ensure that one size bottle stopper can be used for all the different sized bottle openings
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